Biostatistics for Clinical Research

biostatistics for clinical research

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis and statistical programming play an important role in clinical research data analysis. We at Biosphere, provide biostatistics for clinical research to project sponsors with the required analytics support while maintaining the highest level of scientific integrity.

The success of clinical trials depends on the utilisation of data. With decades of experience managing clinical trial data, our team of biostatistics in India and abroad, also provides recommendations for additional analysis or actions that can be necessary for further clarifying the results.

From pre-clinical analysis to generation of high-quality study reports, we have the expertise to support you in every stage of a clinical trial. There can be project reports that are complex in nature. To make sure that every team member gains clarity about the statistical analysis conducted by our biostatics services team, we present the acquired insights in a simplified manner.

Service Offered

  • We offer expert statistical analysis and programming for all phases of drug development across numerous therapeutic areas.
  • We provide SAS services.
  • A 21 CFR Part 11 complaint system with validated results by experts assures superior quality deliverables.


  • A well-structured Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) at the beginning of a study makes sure that all steps are taken to ensure a successful clinical trial.
  • Pre-study, interim study and post-study analysis is delivered with expert advice to ensure that the study fulfils the overall project objective.
  • Statistical data analysis and report creation as per regulatory standards lead to output that is ready to be sent for regulatory approval.

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Our expert will work with you to gain insight to your molecule, anticipated outcomes and definite trial requirements and provide a customised design best suited for your molecule.

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