Remote Monitoring for Clinical Trials

Remote Monitoring for Clinical Trials

Remote Monitoring

A clinical trial is complex in nature. Earlier, traditional methods of monitoring clinical trials were used by sponsors for clinical trial projects. The data was captured on paper and then updated in to machines for further processing. These procedures were time-consuming and usually led to project delays. Tracking the progress of the trial was difficult for sponsors due to distance and processes. But today with modern technologies a lot has changed.

Now, remote monitoring for clinical trials has become more efficient. Saving time while retaining the quality standards for optimum results is essential in clinical trial management. Based on these grounds, we have developed a reliable system for offering remote monitoring clinical trials services.

Checking trial status by multiple team members can also affect the trial. Patient remote monitoring data can now be easily accessed with centralised systems that provide all the data points at your fingertips. We at Biosphere, have developed a well-designed system for delivering intelligent clinical monitoring services that are in alignment with the international compliance standards.

Service Offered

  • Real-time data integration for an efficient monitoring process
  • Custom-built portal with predefined actions as per the needs of the research team
  • 21 CFR part 11 validated system


  • Our online system features user-friendly interface and functions for CRAs and project managers to quickly gain access to required data.
  • Our solution maintains data integrity.
  • You can lower trial costs and mitigate risks through improved decision-making.
  • Collaboration becomes easier when the ability to track the progress of the clinical trials requires lesser effort.

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