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clinical data management services

Clinical Data Management Services

Biosphere provides end-to-end Clinical Data Management (CDM) services with a comprehensive suite of services for small research groups as well as large-scale project owners. We understand the value of data that is utilised and acquired during clinical trials for new drug development.

At Biosphere, we use all our capabilities to make the most of our cross-functional expertise for clinical research projects.We follow industry’s best practices and believe in data accountability.

Our experienced data experts make sure that each piece of data is managed in a secure way.We also ensure that the data reaches the team members across verticals at the right time. Since we are experts in a multitude of services for clinical research, we are capable of delivering customised clinical data management services to suit the project sponsor’s flexibility.

Services Offered

  • Well-structured data management systems customised for clinical research needs.
  • Expertise of qualified subject-matter experts in medical, pharmaceutical and biological sciences across numerous therapeutic areas.
  • Data management processes that ensure transparency, data integrity and compliant service delivery as per global standards.


  • Faster delivery of superior data across channels leads to faster reports. This in turn helps our sponsors to clear all formalities sooner for faster completion of the product development process.
  • Proper documentation by data expertsbacked by a specialised data management system makes it easier for team members and sponsors to keep track of the progress of the clinical trial.
  • Transparency in the CDM process builds trust among the team members and the sponsors can find a reliable partner in us for long-term partnerships.

Speak to a member of our team about our clinical and safety data services

Our expert will work with you to gain insight to your molecule, anticipated outcomes and definite trial requirements and provide a customised design best suited for your molecule.

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