Benefits of Clinical Research Services in India

Benefits of Clinical Research Services in India

Benefits of Clinical Research Services in India

The pharmaceutical industry in today’s times is reeling under the pressure of rising costs, stricter regulatory norms and shorter life cycles of products and is turning towards the Asian countries for conducting its clinical research studies. The existence of a strong intellectual base and low cost structure has made India one of the favourite destinations among the whole lot.

Clinical Research India Advantage

Clinical trials are needed to evaluate the efficacy of new medicines which work towards the betterment of patients. One of the popular global hubs for conducting these clinical trials is India and the reasons for the same can be listed as follows:

  • A progressive attitude and support of the Indian government
  • Availability of sufficiently sized patient pool
  • Presence of highly skilled and motivated medical and paramedical staff
  • Well-equipped hospitals
  • Strong information technology
  • Low-cost manufacturing abilities

Clinical Research Services in India- Enabling Clinical Trials to get off a Good Start

The drug development journey is a complex one and the requirements of regulatory compliance, sophisticated technologies and harmonized protocols can put a spoke in getting your drug to the market. Availability of clinical research services in India makes this task much simpler besides controlling the costs of development and reducing chances of late phase failure. The benefits of these services can be obtained all through the four phases of clinical trials starting from Phase I to Phase IV. Benefits at each phase are listed below.

Patient Recruitment

  • Forecasting, monitoring and managing patient recruitment is of utmost importance.
  • Offering a total scale of patient outreach.
  • On-site support assistance like training, data provision and any other.
  • Minimizing delays in the start of your clinical trial

Phase I Trials

  • Presence of testing units within the hospital offers immediate access to a state of the art environment for conducting Phase I safety studies.
  • High doctor to bed ratio & quality paramedical staff
  • Combination protocols
  • Target patients assured of safety studies
  • Pharmacological consulting services

 Phase II-III Trials

  • Availability of skilled clinical team with wide experience in therapeutic area
  • Availability of comprehensive range of e-Clinical technologies (e-Prudent), technologies that enhance efficiencies, data accuracy and lead to cost reductions and speedier development times.
  • Application of best practices and proven measures of site management
  • Provision of customized and optimized clinical process

Phase IV Trials

Provision of supplementary information on the benefits, risks and best use of the drug after it gets the approval from the regulatory authority.


Clinical trials need to be undertaken using correct methods which comply with ethical considerations and Good Clinical Practice. This places a significant burden on medical institutions conducting clinical trials. Clinical research services provider offers dedicated support to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies right through all stages of their clinical trials. The gambit of clinical operation services provided by the service provider includes the latest technology, the required infrastructure, knowledge and the experience needed to take the clinical trials to successful fruition.

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