Global Standards of Quality Assurance in Clinical Trials

Global Standards of Quality Assurance in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are conducted to collect relevant data for discovery of new drugs for curing or prevention of diseases. This data also helps academia, industry, and regulators to make crucial decisions about the safety and effectiveness of the disease or preventative medicines being studied. Clinical research project sponsors generally assign critical project responsibilities such as quality assurance to Contract Research Organizations or CROs. Need for Quality Assurance (QA) in clinical trials Quality assurance in clinical trials ensures that globally-accepted Good Clinical [...]

Quality Assurance

The Role of Quality Assurance in Clinical Trial

Clinical trials have to follow the ethical standards without compromising the quality of the trial results. The quality assurance teams take care of this critical area in clinical research. India has several clinical research companies who are able to deliver quality output to project sponsors by focusing on GCP(Good Clinical Practice) guidelines as per global standards. Clinical trials are mostly expensive in nature. If there is a project delay or inadequate results emerge due to quality concerns, the project sponsor [...]

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